Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does sealcoating cost? +
Every driveway’s needs are different, therefor we provide a free estimate service. Contact us for yours today!
When should I sealcoat? +
All new asphalt should be sealed one year after application and resealed approximately every 3 years. If maintained this way, you can double the life of your asphalt.
How long does it take to apply? +
Most residential driveways can be completed within a matter of hours. However, if extra services are necessary the time will increase.
How long does it take to dry? +
We recommend that you stay off your newly sealed pavement for a minimum of 24 hours, even longer for heavily shaded driveways, to ensure proper curing. Generally speaking when the shiny black color turns to a flat black color, it is OK to walk on.
What happens if I spill gas or oil on my newly sealcoated asphalt? +
Should this happen, simply apply a generous layer of cat liter to the areas. This will pull the gas and or oil out of the sealer. Let this sit for about 12 to 24 hours, then sweep off.
Is the spray-on application messy? +
No. We use the spray on application to ensure the most uniform coverage. We take extra care to protect any surfaces that should not be sprayed.
Is sealcoating repaving? +
Sealcoating is a protective layer applied over your asphalt that offers your pavement protection against elements that can harm it.
I have cracks in my asphalt. Should I repair them? +
Yes. Cracks in your asphalt are a major problem that will only worsen over time. By letting us repair your cracked areas, you will increase the life of your asphalt.
Who does the work? +
Our business is family owned and operated. The owner, along with his experienced employees, does every job.
Can't I do this myself? +
It is possible for you to go down to your local home improvement center and purchase “sealer,” however these centers sell latex based products that are inferior to the commercial grade products we use – prone to unsightly power-steering marks, squeegee marks and uneven coating. Our product combined with our forced spray-on application ensures the most durable and even coating on your asphalt.
What happens if it rains after you sealcoat? +
A general guide is when the surface turns a flat black color, rain will not affect it. We do our best to schedule your sealcoating in good weather, but unfortunately there are times when forecasts are wrong or showers “pop-up” unexpectedly. Should this occur and the rain causes the sealer to splatter or runoff on places it shouldn’t, be sure to hose off the areas while the sealer is still wet. It will wash off easily and leave little or no residue. If the areas are not washed off and they dry, it is almost impossible to remove the sealer.

Although no one can control the weather, should your newly sealed driveway be damaged by the rain, Seal-It Sealcoating will touch – up or reseal (depending on the amount of wash -out) at no additional cost to you. We cannot however, be responsible for any damage that might occur due to rain.