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Seal-It Sealcoating Inc.

We provide a full line of asphalt maintenance services to NY, CT and NJ.
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Why Choose Us

Located in Port Chester, NY. Our team of sealcoating specialists has what it takes to tackle all of your asphalt needs -from preventative maintenance to in-depth repair. We are a family owned and operated environmentally conscious sealcoating company using “green” products wherever possible. We are a fully licenced and insured company for any size project. We provide courteous and professional service in all our work – priding ourselves in giving 100% satisfaction – guaranteed!

  • Our forced-spray-on application ensures that ALL surfaces are filled and covered and leaves your driveway protected and looking like-new.
  • Our process is clean, neat and professional. We coat only your asphalt surfaces, protecting any surrounding areas.
  • We have the equipment to handle every size job from the smallest driveway to the largest of parking lots.
  • We use the highest quality environmentally friendly commercial grade sealer.
  • Our sealer is enriched with additives that aid in surface adhesion, beauty and durability as well as faster drying time to get you back on your driveway faster than most companies.


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Protect Your Investment - Beautify Your Driveway Increase Curbside Appeal